Monday, July 16, 2012

WELT POCKETS - NOT an easy task

Dear Friends,

I am having a welt of a day today with the welt pockets(so to speak). Today was a first time  I worked on the welt pockets and let me tell you it wasn't as easy as they make it look in the books. As they say, it is easier written than done....

As per the photo above, I have prepared the guideline made of the interfacing(fusible) which I have applied on the wrong side of the jacket. The picture below is just quick snapshot of the pattern for pocket flap and sides.
This is the final preparation of all flaps and the strips which are applied on top and bottom of the opening.

The next stage was to apply the interfacing strips to the wrong side and stitch around the guidelines.
The final result looks like this on the right side.....In all honesty, I am not sure I like the shape of the pocket flap. Considering this is first attempt at making jacket(tailored one too), I am happy how it turned out.
And this is what it looks like on the wrong side.....

The good news is that one of the pockets is done.. one more to go...that should take me entire day hehe.

As you can see I havent used  pocket bag/surface to close the pocket as I  need to find the applicable fabric that is matching the actual fabric. I may need to use the lining fabric( naturally in matching colour) and maybe interface one side of the pocket bag.

As per my previous blog entries, I am doing this jacket  one stitch at the time and there is no rush.  With the rate I am currently going I should be able to wear  this jacket next year.

Cheers Mike !!!!

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