Friday, July 13, 2012

Tailored Jacket coming together

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to advise that my tailored jacket is coming together nicely. For some reason I am taking time with putting it together as I truly want to enjoy every stage of the jacket construction. I don't necessarily want to rush the overall process. In my opinion, the journey is more important then the actual destination or in this instance the final jacket.

Resting on my guest bed...


The back Vents...nice...

I don't want to come across as full of myself but I am truly proud of my achievements with this jacket so far, considering this is my first true attempt at the tailored jackets. I am sure that my overall skills will improve with the time.

Back Section of the Jacket

As per my previous posts, this project is not something I can expect to finish in two days. The method to this project is slow and steady and I am taking one stitch at the time...

Take care and I will provide update in next few days...Did you do any sewing lately?


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