Saturday, July 21, 2012


Dear Readers,

This has been rather a busy week  but I am glad to report that jacket is finally coming together. I was able to fix all my little errors with mitered corners  and join the vertical seams that essentially make a jacket.
Finally Vertical seams joined...

Yesterday I went to Tessuti Fabric Store in Surry Hills and bought the lining. I bought lining in similiar colour to the fashion fabric. I did initially think of an orange colour lining as a contrast but couldnt find that nice burnt orange colour that is in Rayon hence had to settle with the current choice. I am confident it will look good.
 The Selected Choice -  Lining ...look nice and in its Rayon/Viscose 
And here is me testing my jacket shell....apologies for the night shot as I couldn't wait for tomorrow before sharing it with you...

Unfortunately construction doesn't end here as there are still sleeves, collar and lining to be completed...... nevertheless it is all one task at the time and I am confident we will get there. In a meantime and until my next post I am leaving with you with the photo of my orange pants I did earlier this year in Polysheen as a test garment and quite like it hence I have decided to wear it  today(as weather was overcast and everything was gray). I know they are bit bright but we all need some colour in our life...don't we...

Farewell until next post.....



  1. Looks great. I can't wait to see the finished product.

    1. Thank you Thin Man....I am really taking my time with this project otherwise it gets overwhelming :)