Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sticthing Away -- Are we there yet?

Dear Readers,

The Tailored Jacket journey is never ending one... This jacket is truly testing me in many different ways as I started losing sleep because of it (literally). I am tackling each challenge as it comes. I know you may think this is rather silly but this jacket is almost like spiritual awakening to me. I am getting to know myself more and more with each stage of the construction.
This is what I can update on so far.

The Collar 

This  stage of construction went well or relativistically well. As you can see this method of collar construction involves working with the fully finalised collar where you sandwich the collar in and  stitch each side individually to upper/back and facing/upper collar. I have to admit it does require a lot of precision(provided you are after nice professional finish).

Picture 1. Back and Collar ready to be joined to Facing
Picture 2.  Joined Under Collar to the Jacket Back
Picture 3. The Collar View from inside
Picture 4.  The Notched Collar- pretty happy with this result

The Lining 

At this stage I was able to trace the pattern for lining section including only relevant parts of the pattern that are applicable for lining.

Picture 5. Lining prepared for cutting
I am working with  the Rayon Lining which is fairly  difficult to work with as it frays fair bit plus it is slippery and unpredictable under the needle.

In summary this is where I am at with the jacket. Hope ayour sewing adventures are going well.

Have a great day and updates will follow soon.

Cheers Mike