Monday, July 9, 2012

Tailored Jacket Progress Update - Slow but Steady

Dear Friends,

Today I  have managed to dedicate some of my precious time on sewing/jacket construction. To tell the truth I was aiming to finish more but had to go with Archie and Rob to visit our dog minder to see if Archi (our Boxer dog)will get along with another dog when we go overseas in August. That visit went well but my jacket pieces are still sitting on the table and waiting to be put together....I feel as if it is begging me to put it together...well I say slowly but steadily we will  get there :)

Ok, so far I was able to sew the vents on sleeves or more like under sleeve piece(there is still upper Sleeve). The under collar has been joined to the upper collar and in my opinion it looks can be the judge...

The under sleeve vents and joined collar
Here is slightly different angle of the same photo - as you can see I dont feel like I have achieved much today hence two photos of the same picture essentially.

Slightly closer look ....

Tomorrow I am aiming to finish/close the darts and set lapels that will need to be left "alone" to "rest" and set in place see ...another reason why you can't rush the jacket..... it all happens in its own time ....

In the meantime, I  will have to dedicate some of my time to Archie and his beautiful eyes..I better mention Rob in this blog so he doesn't feel left out...

Have a great day and loads of love from  sunny Sydney..
I need your attention....NOW!!!!

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