Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tailored Jacket Update - Buttonholes and Sleeves

Dear Friends,

 Another day & another stitch on my tailored jacket. The most exciting part at this stage is that it has finally started looking like a jacket. The peak of  my excitement is the fact this is my first jacket that I have drafted and attempting to sew hence you can imagine my anticipation. Learn as you go!!!.

This is also  first project where I am  practicing number of new skills such the double welt pocket(which you would  have seen in my previous post), collar, sleeve button hole and lining.

Nevertheless it has been success so far...at least that is what I think hehe...Ok, let me update you on my progress so far..

Sleeve Buttonholes

Sleeve Buttonholes after pressing

The buttonholes stage of the construction was relatively easy task thanks to Bernina B380 as it has one button - buttonhole function which is precise and works like a dream everytime.... Highly recommend this sewing machine(especially for those readers that are looking to buy a sewing machine).

Sleeves - Joining Upper and Under Sleeve (Tailored two piece sleeve)

 The next stage of construction process was to join the upper and under sleeve which was fairly straight forward. The only recommendations I can give with this stage of the process is to pay close attention to the undersleeve part of the inner arm seam as there is extra easy on the upper sleeve which needs to be carefully maneuvered when sewing the sleeve. Not sure if this is the case with the bought patterns but it certainly had some easy in my own made pattern. I guess it would have to be the same with the bought patterns as EASE  is required to slightly bend/shape the sleeve.

Sleeve - pressed the side seams

Sleeve resting and waiting for "Set In Sleeve" stage of the process

Setting in the Sleeves

This has been a rather challenging part of the overall process due to the number of reasons but main reason for me was limited space to reach within the garment to finish the sleeve and at one stage of the process I honestly couldn't figure out what  part of the garment I was looking at/working with. It was touch confusing and overwhelming. I am proud to  report that I have officially survived the sleeve setting process .
Sewing 2 rows of stitching for better gathering...
Pins/Basting Stitch and then Machine Stitch... Perfect Result
 I have pressed nicely from the inside and only steam from the outside as I don't practice using iron on the right side of the fabric(unless I really have to).
Pressed Seam towards the Sleeve

In nutshell, it has been rather busy few days and I am pleased that I was able to complete Sleeve/Buttonholes and set in the sleeves. Now the next tasks of the project are the collar/facing/ facing double welt pocket/Lining and finishing Lining around back vent area. Should be fun... As per my previous posts, there is no rush as I really want to enjoy the overall process and fine tune my sewing construction skills on this jacket. Remember my motto ... "One Stitch at the time" .

This is where I am at with the final product so far.

What has been happening in your sewing world? Are you looking to start working on the jacket construction?

Take care  and speak soon...Updates to follow.. Love Mike

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  1. Good work! It really is worth spending time on something to get it right.