Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Please Check this Bargain - Free Sewing Machine

Dear Readers,

Today we will not discuss the tailored jacked I am currently working on but the street dump/bargain I was able to come across and collect.  That is Janome Sewing Machine with all of the accessories/box including  the instruction manual and warranty. Can you believe my luck? I am sooo grateful for this gift...Thank You Universe!!!!

I am pleased to advise that Janome is fully functional and the only thing that needs fixing is  the bulb/light and it will be as brand new.  I can already find use for this sewing machine - for example, when working on the denim or  sequin fabric, I will use this sewing machine and not Bernina. This is truly Heavy Duty Sewing Horse(so to speak)....may I also add this is very very fast machine.........

Here are some more photos of my Freebie....
 Nice Metal Free Arm - excellent for those tight fitting spaces (as in Sleeve/Armhole)
 There was even a warranty included..I am not sure whether this warranty is still active . I might give Janome Warranty centre a call to to see if they can fix my light for free...just kidding...Can you imagine :)
 The instruction manual was also included - with complete set of pages --not a single page missing.

 And lastly, this sewing machine has number of in built stitches such as Overlock/Blind Hem/Zig Zag etc

As you can see I am over the moon and extremely happy with my latest gift from the Universe. The message from Universe is loud and clear --- I am meant to be a Seamstress in this lifetime.....

What about you? Did you ever come across a Sewing Machine left on the  side of the road? Was it fully functional with the lot?

Blessings !!!! Mike

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  1. Yes! I have found two sewing machines on the street. One didn't have a pedal (but I have one that fits) and the other is a computer (early model one) but sadly they both don't work well and will need a service each. This puts me off as a service is about $100 ea. I will keep the computer one and fix it eventually and get rid of the other one.