Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reflections: MPB Day 2012

Dear Friends,

Its about the time I update you on my MPB Day 2012 experience. Well, in a single word it was "AMAZING"..... Peter was an exceptional host and real pleasure to meet. I have visited FIT/Fashion District and had most amazing time meeting and mingling with other passionate sewers and blogger.

  I am so pleased for the fact I have decided to attend the event.  Apart from the  shooting that took the place just around the corner(as in real CSI NY Scene)  where we were at some stage during our Tour, the overall experience was AMAZING.  Did I say AMAZING too many times? Oh well, it was just that...Amazing!!!

Fabulous photo of Peter in The Fashion District...I really wanted to be up there but due to the gravity couldn't get up....hehe

Meet and Greet Session @FIT NYC
Helen from SewStylish (http://sewstylish.blogspot.com)- You must visit Her blog!!! Amazing...
Peter Lappin - Guiding the Group ready to shop for fabrics

  As you can see I have had an AMAZING (and here it is again!!!) time a the MPB Day 2012 and will do my best to attend the next years event- no promises as we are planning to go to Europe next year. For all those friends that are reading this post and thinking of attending event - my message is simple - You MUST !! It is an AMAZING event .....


In addition to the MPB Day, Peter was kind enough to invite me and Rob to his place...It was real privilege to visit the MPB Head Quarters/Peter and Michael. 

Three Handsome Man --- Rob is definitely not  camera shy :)

Michael was kind enough to offer the  private piano performance...Thank you Michael!!!!:)

They are great people  to meet and we were honored to be in their presence. Our short but pleasurable catch up ended with A Vintage Pattern present and my open invitation to Peter and Michael urging them to visit Australia. Wow...what an Amazing Experience!!!!  Hope you have enjoyed this post and apologies for the slightly long post as there was so much to update...

Love Mike x


  1. It was pretty amazing! So glad to have met you! When are you getting your own reality show??

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I love reading meet up posts.

  3. Great photos and I can tell you had a great time. I loved the jacket!! It turned out great!!

  4. Was it Amazing!!?? They look like such sweet guys!

    1. Hey Don, it was AMAZING mate!!! They are really nice couple.. btw, love your blog!!...awesome pics...We should catch up sometimes..I am in Surry Hills.

  5. WOW! You are one lucky Aussie. You even got to visit Peter's home? WIth a private piano performance?? AMAZING!

    It was a great day, wasn't it? Looking forward to next year...

  6. Hey Suzzane..so good to hear from you!!!!..Missed you Darling!!! I know MPB Day was an amazing experience...I will do my best to come to NYC next yea even though I am scheduled for the trip to Paris.. Peter and Michael are great hosts. I am truly blessed to have met you all....Cheers Mike