Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome to SewQueer Blog!!!

Dear All....Welcome to my Sewing/Fashion Patternmaking and anything creative blog.

This blog is used as a tool to share the knowledge and experience anything patternmaking/sewing related.
I have commenced my sewing journey aboout 18 month ago. This hobby came from nowhere and now I am in  position where I cant spend a single day without doing any sewing. I trust  I am not the only one (come out, come out wherever you are).
Therefore, welcome to  SewQueen Blog ... Queen for the fact I can be a queen sometimes:) and I love sewing and creating the garments...

This is Pattern Draft created using Winifred Aldrich - 5th Edition - metric pattern cutting for menswear. This particular pattern is for an "easy fitting tee shirt block"

Modification to the instructions from the sleeve
  • I have reduced the width of the short sleeve by 2 cm as book is suggesting full width for easy fitting whereas I really I wanted slightly taped look on my sleeve yet comfortable.
Taking into consideration this is my first draft of  an easy fit tees  I will need to lengthen the draft by additional 5 cm as  I find the final produce slightly shorter than desired...

see below the finished product (hope you like it)

Very Comfy and nice fit....:)

Does anyone else likes this method of patternmaking....let me know....once again...warm welcome and looking forward to get to know you all. 


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